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Have you ever had such a good summer that it was sort of a problem?

- Felicity from Felicity

Uh, no Felicity I HAVEN’T. Please shut up. Have I ever hated my life continuously for years that it was sort of a problem? YES. Have I ever hate watched three seasons going on four of your show instead of doing absolutely anything else that it was sort of a problem? YES. Have I ever had such a bad summer that I wrote ten minutes of stand up based around the sad sack comic personality I created for myself and it just may be the only way I can explain things to my therapist except that I will never read it to her because it is so bad that it was sort of a problem? MAYBE.

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

—Margaret Atwood (via scout)

and in summer, on the 60th consecutive day of wearing this hoodie, that dirt will smell like me.

Depression might also be seen, then, as a failure of the human capacity for denial and self-deception. It is the healthy who are neuropsychologically distortive in this realm.

My dad showed me this LA Times article this morning and he’s right, it’s completely up my alley.  (via emilyvgordon)

Rose Parade by Elliott Smith from the album: Either/Or

This is what today feels like here. Martin Parr is one of my favourite photographers and his stuff really fits well with a lot of my music, or any music I guess.

Anyways, down on the street the people are out in full force on this, the nicest day of the year so far. I was walking back from Davids Tea (where I begrudgingly went because it was empty and all I needed was some unrestricted internet for like ten minutes) and this song came on and it just felt right cause all the families were strolling and it felt like I was going against a hot dad parade.